Compak Coffee Grinders



MARCH 2016

The passion for coffee as a social phenomenon extends to every corner of the planet, creating an authentic legion of Coffee Lovers. Every day more consumers are interested not only in the final product that reaches their palate, but also the origin of the beans, its roasting and mixing, distribution and characteristics of grinding. All stages of the product life are followed by a desire to learn and share, and to be part of a vibrant and growing community. At the same time, roasters, producers and baristas can quickly go from being known only locally to wide global recognition within their field.

The opportune moment to explore the world of coffee directly coincides with the multitude of events that occur globally throughout the year. To an already consolidated schedule of local and international fairs and competitions, emerge new calls where amateurs and professionals can share experiences, knowledge and trends.

Compak now takes to the road to be present at all major events of the annual circuit. Holland, England, USA, China ... throughout 2016 on five continents we will be presenting the result of our constant work and innovations. In addition, we sponsor and promote competitions from different disciplines and, of course, we engage actively in the growth of the sector in collaboration with partners and public.

Join us on our tour through social networks! There will be news at every stop!

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