Compak Coffee Grinders


I Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

APRIL 2016

On the 6th and 7th of May will be the first edition of the Independent Coffee Festival in Barcelona. The initiative, which seeks to disseminate the culture of specialty coffee in an active and fun format, offers a full program of lectures, courses, tastings and parties where coffee is always the focus.

The festival, organized by small companies with values closely linked to a superior quality product, is a unique opportunity for consumers to gain an appreciation for the emerging world of specialty coffee.

IBCF is held in conjunction with the Aeropress Championship of Spain, of which Compak is an official sponsor, with the winner competing in the World Cup to be held this June in Dublin. The competition will take place on Saturday May 7th in Space 88 of the vanguard Poble Nou district, the trend and innovation center of Barcelona.

The day will also be full of activities that highlight learning and exposure to specialty coffee as well as the latest developments in both grinders and espresso machines, alternative coffee brewing methods and household gadgets.

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