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Golden Bean North America 2016


The 2016 Compak Golden Bean North America has been decided, and congratulations to all the winners, especially the overall winner Oceana Coffee!

This year’s event saw great growth and interest among the roaster community, with double the coffees entered and a great increase in attendance at the event in Portland.  We look forward to seeing you all next year!

Here the list of winners in the different categories:

Franchise/Chain (Milk)
Gold Medal Winner:
Klatch Coffee
FM 9

Franchise/Chain Espresso
Gold Medal Winner:
Groundwork Coffee Co. - CA
Batch Nº. 7/GroundWork Coffee Co.

Overall Compak Golden Bean Franchise/Chain Champion
Klatch Coffee

Pour Over Filter
Gold Medal Winner:
Black Oak Coffee - CA
Ethiopia Gedeb Lot 002

Decaffeinated (Milk based)
Gold Medal Winners:
Black Rock Coffee Bar - OR
Old Town/Black Rock Coffee Bar
Pac Bay Coffee - CA
Decaf Brazil Swiss Water Process

Single Origin (Espresso)
Gold Medal Winner:
Black Oak Coffee - CA
Ethiopia Banko Natural Process

Organic Espresso
Gold Medal Winner:
Augies Coffee Hoiuse - CA
Maximino Gonzales

North America Grown
Gold Medal Winner:
Conservatory Coffee - CA
Espresso Blend/The Conservatory

Milk Based
Gold Medal Winner:
Oceana Coffee - FL
Oceana Espresso FW

Gold Medal Winner:
Lamill Coffee - CA
Element Blend

Overall Compak Golden Bean Champion
Oceana Coffee - FL

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