Compak Coffee Grinders


Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

MAY 2017

Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival is an annual event that brings together professionals and lovers of coffee specialty in Barcelona.

IBCF is a TRANSPARENT, OPENED and ACCESSIBLE festival to everything that one that wants to know first hand the world of the coffee of speciality. In turn it is an INDEPENDENT initiative that it is born of small enterprises with very definite values which link of union is the quality of the product.

Compak was taking part in this event leading near Slayer and Oatly the exciting one battles of Baristas, " Latte Art Throwdown " organized for La Cherry, where baristas national and international the trophy was disputed by his works of art of coffee.

Emotion, amusement and professionalism were joining in this event.

Thanks to the participants, for being able to enjoy his professionalism and enthusiasm in this activity.

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