Compak Coffee Grinders


Specialty Coffee Expo

APRIL 2018

Compak is happy to invite you to the new edition of the SCA Specialty Coffee Expo, held on April 19-22 in Seattle, Washington.

We are thrilled to be introducing our new generation of grinders, the PK range, which will feature a breakthrough new particle distribution system and grind by weight technology. This new line features either 83 or 100mm specially designed High Extraction Yield Burrs for both Espresso & Filter; a richer, sweeter and more complex coffee extraction will emerge in every cup! Slow Cold Grinding Engineering minimizes heat generation whilst keeping coffee at low temperatures, extracting the fullest of its flavor and aroma.

The event will be held at the Washington State Convention Center, where we would be more than happy to welcome you for a coffee prepared by some of the top roasters in the industry, as well as a chance to experience the new PK range in person!

See you at booth #2013!

The Compak Team

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