Compak Coffee Grinders



APRIL 2018

The new Hostelco edition, the main Restaurant, Hotel and Community Equipment Exhibition, opens its doors on April 16. This year, Hostelco shares dates with Alimentaria with the iaim of becoming the most complete and comprehensive platform in the Horeca sector.

Compak is having a significant presence in Hostelco with our Experience Coffee Cup area, the exclusive and official distributor of Wega, Astoria, Slayer and Trinity Coffee in Spain.

This year we are not only exhibiting our usual range, but we are also presenting our newest line, the PK, a new generation of coffee grinders that features a breakthrough new particle distribution system and grind by weight technology. This new line features either 83 or 100mm specially designed High Extraction Yield Burrs for both Espresso & Filter; a richer, sweeter and more complex coffee extraction will emerge in every cup! Slow Cold Grinding Engineering minimizes heat generation whilst keeping coffee at low temperatures, extracting the fullest of its flavor and aroma.

We are again having a luxury partner, a reference in specialty coffee in Barcelona, the Black Remedy Coffee Deli & Bar, which will provide a spectacular catering: smoked meat sandwiches, homemade cakes and craft beer to delight the visitors, all accompanied by the best specialty coffee.

We hope to see you all at the Experience Coffee Cup booths (249 & 250) and share a cup of the best coffee with you!

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