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The Barista League: USA Tour


The Barista League is a Scandinavian competition created by and for baristas. It has been held in Europe since 2015 and with each edition, its number of followers and participants has increased. For the first time, this competition has crossed the Atlantic and has begun its journey through American lands. Four competitions in different parts of the country (Portland, Kansas City, Greenville and Philadelphia) and 12 teams are fighting to become the best baristas in the United States these days.

Throughout the competition, teams of two baristas each compete in three challenges: barista skills, sensory skills and a round of coffee mystery. The judges in charge of deciding which team is the best are great professionals recognized in the barista sector. Among them are several USBC champions, a champion of the New York Masters of Coffee and a world champion of Baristas. The couple who win the title of Best Barista in USA 2018 will get a trip for the team to Colombia to discover the essence of coffee for themselves.

Compak Coffee Grinders is one of the sponsors of this competition, providing all the coffee grinders used throughout the Tour by the barista teams.

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