Compak Coffee Grinders


MAD Coffee Festival 2022


The Mad Coffee Festival is here! During the days of October 29 and 30, we will celebrate a special event with our entire coffee community from all over Spain where we can learn from each other, share our knowledge, face challenges and find opportunities together.

With the Spanish AeroPress Championship 2022 underway, visitors will be able to taste coffee directly from a very good representation of roasters from all over Spain, and at the same time, all kinds of activities will be held at Mad Box: talks, debates, tastings, presentations etc. At Mad Kitchen, Proper Sound and Batch Madrid will cook throughout the day, also offering a special selection of natural wines.

Once again, this year, COMPAK will be present at the Mad Coffee Festival with the powerful PK100 that will be the official grinder of the event. The Espresso coffee bar will rock with our fellow Experience Coffee Cup.

Coffee locos, see you in Madrid!

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