Compak Coffee Grinders

Barista tools

Tamper Compak

New " Compak Coffee Tamper " made of stainless steel 304 and finished with powder coating, available in green , red and black with two sizes; 53 and 58 mm.


Food grade quality product specialized in cleaning the burrs of Coffee grounds.

Fast and effective. Removes remains of stale coffee, as well as waste coffee odors and oils Leaving the grind chamber completely clean and hygienic.

Available in packs of 12 units and 430 gr containers, 20 cleaning services aproximately.

Product user friendly. Insert pellets equal to a dose of coffee.

Natural product free of gluten and 100% secure. Approved by NSF.

Replacement BURRS

Ideal for ensuring a quick and easy burr change. The kit consists of a special tool to hold the burr carrier without damaging lower burrs and a key for removing the nut from the motor shaft.


The Pallo Grinder Minder is a 2 in one grinder and counter brush.

The smaller brush is perfect to brush down and inside the grinder, then flip it around and sweep off the counter witht he bigger, more broad brush.

This brush also has a hanger hole to store it out of the way and a low profile head to reach under most espresso machines.

With an ergonomic handle that keeps your hand in a comfortable natural position the Grinder Minder has natural food-grade bristles.