Cube Tamp

Consistency of pressing in all services, flat and without residue.

Its small size makes it the ideal complement for coffee shops that want to guarantee optimal extraction.

Maximum precision

High level of consistency
Pressed to the level of perfection in each service, regardless of the barista on duty.

Distribution of ground coffee
Perfect distribution continuity from grind to tamp.

No risks
Reduces wrist and elbow injuries. Avoid bad gestures and postures. Reduced repetition stress movements.

Constant pressure
Ensure consistent puck integrity through unmatched pressure control.

Unbeatable extraction clarity
Even and consistent extraction across entire puck.

Cube Tamp


Cube Tamp


Cube Tamp


Quick guide

Includes a special cleaning mode for the tamper.

Thanks to the fork mechanism, Cube Tamp can be used by all types of portafilters.

Tamping pressure can be easily adjusted from 10 to 30 kg. Display shows the pressure at which the press is set.

Place the portafilter and the sensor will automatically activate the press.

The adjusting wheel allows the perfect fit for your favorite portafilter.

and humidity sensors

Pressure selection mode

Portafilter Detection mode

With the Portafilter Detection, an independent pressing can be associated to the single or double portafilter in case they are used

Detector sensor

Detects the portafilter when inserting it into the Cube Tamp

Available diameters

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