Bolt 83

Bolt 83

The Value of Speed

Designed to satisfy the demands of coffee professionals, the Bolt offers two functional modes: Predose and Fresh.

Quick and easy access to the grind chamber without losing the grind point configuration. This facilitates burr access for changing and cleaning.

Burrs durability: 1.200 Kg. Long-lasting tempered steel 100Cr6 recommended for food use.

Key specifications

Motor output 610 W
Revolutions per minute 1.600 rpm
Ø Burrs 83 mm
Espresso point production 30 Kg/h
Time x dosis Espresso (7 g) 1,6 s
Hopper capacity 1.250 g
Height x width x depth 660 x 231 x 384 mm
Net weight 14 Kg

Highlighted elements

Predose Mode
Selection of 1 or 2 coffees previously ground

Fresh Mode
Selection of 1, 2 or 3 ground doses on demand

Key features

Micrometric adjustment Parallel system


Motor with fan

Fast burrs cleaning without screws

Adjustable fork and coffee spout

Electronic features

2.8 TFT touchscreen

Multilanguage Display

Portafilter detector

Menu access protection with password

Dose counter, both absolute and relative

Wear and changing burrs alarm

Wifi optional


Burrs Red Speed

Low coefficient of friction and specially hardened material. Reduces heat generation.
Ø 83 mm: 5.000 Kg

Total Black

Black matt elements: grind regulator, display cover, tamper support and black cover.

Pro Barista version

Without tamper.

Back leds and fan

Leds to illuminate the rear image and additional fan to maintain a cool flow of air at all times.

Smoked hopper

Coffee protection from any external light.
Capacity: 1.250 g.

Polished hopper base and coffee collection tray

Polished aluminum finish.

Portafilter detector

Detection of the double dose through the sensor ring placed on the portafilter.


Grinder body color

Check our conditions.

Customizable hopper

It can be personalized with sheets in the front and back spaces.
Capacity: 1.800 g.

Vinyl customizable hopper

Allows for all kinds of images to be added for a 360° view.
Capacity: 1.800 g.

Back logo customization

It can be adapted to any image.

Discover Bolt

Compak Bolt

2.8” High Tech Touchscreen

The interface on our 2.8” High Tech Touchscreen allows you to control all the variables for a perfect grind.
Grinding time, work modes, statistics, burr wear and much more…

Compak Bolt Compak Bolt

General features

2.8" High Tech


Menu access protection with password

Dose counter, both absolute and relative

Statud and changing burrs alarm

Cleaning mode

Predose mode

Fresh mode

Works modes

Compak Bolt


Preset dose by selecting icons 1 or 2 on the touchscreen and pressing the lower grind button.

Compak Bolt


Preset dose by pressing icons 1 or 2 on the touchscreen.

Compak Bolt


The presence of the portafilter detector will dispense dose 2. If no presence is detected, dose 1 will be served.


Our software allows viewing the statistics of both absolute and relative doses, which are resettable.


Burr wear control and configurable alarm.

Maintenance grinding chamber

Our system allows access to the grinding chamber with an easy and simple process, without losing the grind point setting.

Compak Bolt

Direct access

Compak Bolt

Select your hopper. Highlight your brand

1. Standard hopper with the clip to highlight your coffee recipe.
2. 360° personalized hopper or with front and rear tag.

Adjustable fork position

Correct distribution of the ground coffee in the portafilter holder. Adjust the height of the fork and the coffee chute outlet.

Coffee tamper and Barista versions

Technical data files


ETL Listed
ETL Sanitation
Food Contact
KC Certification

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