Dose by Weight

Consistency in the weight of the doses.
Improve workflow.

It doses by a pre-established weight, not by time nor by volume. These methods cause variations, as they are more inclined to be affected by the type of coffee, ambient conditions, and the grind point of the coffee.
Dosing by weight serves exactly the grams you need for your brew recipe.
The high-precision load cell integrated inside the portafilter support ensures innovative, real-time dosing controlled by weight, which is monitored throughout the grinding cycle.


Benefits of dosing by weight


Increases preparation speed by eliminating time spent in the checking weight phase.

Weight in real time

The inclusion of a scale in our On Demand grinders allows each dose to be weighed in real time.

Automatic recognition

It is capable of recognizing up to 10 different portafilters and dispensing the weight previously preset for each of them.

High level of consistency

The high-quality load cell and the development of its own algorithm guarantee high consistency between doses.

The soul of Dose by Weight

It works by using resistance patterns attached to a load cell that deforms when weight is applied.

This deformation is then transformed into an electrical signal.


The calibration of the scale is carried out in a very simple way. By following the steps indicated on the screen and using the calibration weight that is delivered together with the device, a perfect calibration is achieved that allows high precision weighing.

Calibration device
Standard weight of 200 g

Working modes


Allows you to store the weight you want to dispense with up to 10 different filter holders. The system automatically recognizes each of them improving the workflow and avoiding mistakes.


When placing the portafilter in the holder, the system tares and grinds the weight of the pre-selected dose on the display.


When placing the portafilter in the support, the system tares it and waits for dose 1, 2 or 3 to be selected on the screen to grind the amount assigned to each of them.

Manual grind

It allows the weighing system to be used as if it were a conventional precision balance. After placing the portafilter or container in the support, it allows you to tare it and grind by pressing Grind on the screen or the manual side button while the weight appears on the display in real time.

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